Mega Stump




Megan Stumpfig is a Bend Oregon native who earned her BA in Art Practices from Portland State University in 2012 with a split focus in oil painting and copper etching. She has since lived in Colombia, has spent extended time at a cabin in the woods in Oregon, travels when she can, and has kept on making art. The evolution of her work has taken its form from a very physical sense, driven from continuous experimentation, taking on new skill sets, and in weaving various techniques together...combining elements of painting, drawing, printmaking, collaging, graphic design, and resin layering...often all within a single piece.  Her source of inspiration draws from travel, and much time spent observing nature and animals. In learning to recognize the repetitions and feel of naturally occurring patterns in nature, these patterns become more recognizable everywhere else, and she is able to align a tight, graphic, yet subtle rhythm within her work which makes it so unique.

Life has strength in Diversity. Thus, she is driven to continue diversifying her own methods of creation through experimentation, exploration, cross-pollination, collaboration, and the continuation of flow in weaving all of these elements together. Nothing would be possible without the love of those walking their paths alongside her.

Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force

-Lao Tzu





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