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Megan Stumpfig is a multimedia artist from Bend Oregon. Influenced by travel, nature, wildlife, alchemy, spirituality, and the continuous flowing experience of the NOW, she explores the natural patterns that emerge while creating connections from flow. While basic human logic thinks and moves in straight lines, nature on the other hand creates perfect order from chaos. Coming from this place of chaos, play, and infinite potential, each mark is the destination, and she allows her work to naturally find structure and evolve through letting go of expectation of a “finished” product - thus her work may go through various stages in which it completely transforms. With a formal education in both oil painting and copper etching, she thrives in the natural surprises and encounters that occur while layering and weaving various mediums and skill-sets together within a single piece. In order to uncover Universal Truth you must be truthful - in thought and in action - while maintaining a commitment to reality, AKA the present moment. Art is an expression of this truth, and only in sharing our truths can we discover and reflect the light within all of us.