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Artist. Naturally Nomadic.

I believe in Freedom Culture.

In sharing my explorations I aspire to connect with and empower others to contribute their own unique gifts to the world. We all have the power (and responsibility) in shaping our lives to align with our highest values. Throughout the discoveries, connection and transformation through my work, I hope to bring awareness to the notion that how you live contributes to a much BIGGER picture... even when you can’t quite see it just yet.

I believe there is power in aligned aesthetic and in the image in bringing people and ideas together. Pattern recognition and visualization is what I bring to the table. I can help bridge gaps, and make an idea “visible” through leaning into our most dominant sense.

What does your flag stand for? And where are you going to plant it next? There is a forever new point B… go where your mind has already wandered. Make your flag visible, memorable -- and others will be able to not only find you, but join you.